“Monica Romig is my personal trainer from Fit N’ Time, I am proud to say. She appears faithfully at my door at the appointed time. She works with me on a specifically chosen set of exercises for strengthening, balance, and range of motion. With her help, I am finally off my couch(not “off my rocker” as some might say ). She’s so encouraging she lets me feel I’ve accomplished something at the end of each session.”
C. K. aged 73
“Monica’s gently vigorous exercises have helped me retain my freedom of motion!!
Jane H.,94 years young
“I have been lucky enough to train with Monica for several months. While it is still early in my journey to better health, Monica is motivating and understands that individuals have their own levels of fitness. I had not exercised in quite some time, but it was easy to begin an exercise program with her as she made me feel comfortable and insured that I move correctly to avoid any injury or discomfort. She is the best!”
Beth in Arlington
“Monica has been coming to my house as my personal trainer for over 18 years. As a tennis player I was looking to avoid injury and she has more than done the job. Not one to join a gym, I have been able to stick to this program and because of this, have for the most part remained injury-free!”
Carolyn, aged 75
“Monica Romig has been my personal trainer for over 15 years. In addition to her skills as a physical trainer, Monica always brings her upbeat personality to our sessions. I am especially grateful for her willingness to adapt my program to accommodate my multiple post-surgical limitations. Bottom line: she has kept this 76 year –old woman from becoming a complete coach potato!”
R. K. Fairfax